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Omnichannel Governance

Omnichannel seems to be a dominant theme in my consulting practice this year. Organizations are hitting a wall as it relates to the types of experiences that they can offer their customers in an environment in which the development of those experiences happens in technological and organizational silos. If you’re not sure about the meaning of omnichannel, you’re not alone. I think Noz Urbina’s definition is a solid one: “Omnichannel is the unification of engagement… Continue Reading Omnichannel Governance

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Digital Governance 2020

The last decade was “interesting.” We became increasingly aware that the internet and the web can be dangerous places. I’m not going to trash the technologies that have led to so much information-sharing and innovation, but I will be one of the first in line to say that we need to do a better job of governing both the internet and web. Today’s web conflagration is only the accumulation of what individuals and organizations put… Continue Reading Digital Governance 2020

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The Extended Digital Team

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts on the digital team. Previously, we covered the core team , the dispersed core team, and the distributed digital team . This post will focus on the extended digital team. What is the Extended Digital Team? The extended digital team includes non-employee resources that support your digital presence. This includes resources liken website hosting service providers, interactive agencies,and technology implementation partners. Because of the speed… Continue Reading The Extended Digital Team

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The Distributed Digital Team

This is the third in a series of blog posts on the digital team. In the first post of this series the “core team” was discussed and in the second post the dispersed core team was explained. This post will target the distributed digital team. What are the responsibilities of the Distributed Digital Team? The distributed digital team: maintains the quality of a particular aspect of the digital presence develops and maintains content, applications, or… Continue Reading The Distributed Digital Team

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The Dispersed Core Digital Team

Why do we need to consider the dispersed core and what is it? The dispersed core digital team is required in organizations with multiple product lines, geographies, or business interests. In this case, multiple teams take on the roles and responsibilities of the core team but only for a particular digital presence or aspect. Examples of a dispersed core would include a university website where multiple departments. The websites for the various colleges which make… Continue Reading The Dispersed Core Digital Team

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The Role of Your Core Digital Team

The core digital team’s job is to conceptualize, architect, and oversee the full organizational digital presence. In most organizations, the core digital team is the set of resources you most likely called the “web team.” In an environment where digital governance is immature, this team often has de facto authority over digital standards—that is, until a powerful stakeholder disagrees with them. Often, they are in either marketing/communications or your IT department. But technically speaking, the… Continue Reading The Role of Your Core Digital Team

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Understanding Digital Governance Maturity

There is a digital governance maturity curve that most organizations move through when they launch a digital channel (Web, mobile, or social). The process of maturity begins with the decision to launch a new channel, and it culminates with the organization having fully integrated that channel into the company to the extent that governing dynamics and operational processes are automatic, leaving the organization fully responsive to digital trends. The dynamics of each phase are fairly… Continue Reading Understanding Digital Governance Maturity

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Your Digital Governance: How Bad Is It?

Rest assured—every organization has digital governance problems. Just because an organization might look good online doesn’t mean that it is getting a good return on its investment or operating in an effective, low-risk environment. I’ve seen plenty of “lipstick-on-pig” digital environments where a nice-looking website design was only thinly veiling an ineffective digital presence supported by no real digital strategy and an uncoordinated digital team—governance gone wild! I’ve also seen some “looks like it was… Continue Reading Your Digital Governance: How Bad Is It?

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Five Digital Governance Design Factors

Digital governance frameworks would be easy to design if they existed in a vacuum. But they don’t. There are many pre-existing organizational factors in every business that influence which aspects of an organization ought to be accountable and responsible for making decisions about what’s happening online. Sometimes the dynamics of these factors are so hard-wired into an organization’s operational processes that they can be difficult to change. Staff and management feel that these dynamics are… Continue Reading Five Digital Governance Design Factors

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Digital Transformation: More than Marketing Well Online

I like marketing teams. I work with them about 80% of the time when engaged in a digital governance project. That’s because very often it is the marketing team that is responsible for driving an organization’s online footprint (with some support from IT). Unlike some other parts of the business, marketers are good at messaging. They are good at talking up their own importance in the organization. And, they love to talk about digital disruption… Continue Reading Digital Transformation: More than Marketing Well Online

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