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Managing Chaos: Digital Governance Fundamentals with Lisa Welchman

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Organizations are struggling to manage what they put online. Digital teams sometimes work at cross-purposes and lack clear communication. That lack of communication can lead to redundant, outdated, or competing content online. Or, debates can spawn about who is allowed to make decisions about technology or design. Without addressing these dynamics, organizations are hard-pressed to create a safe and effective online experience–an experience that is an asset to the business.

Maturing organizational digital governance practices tame these dynamics by bringing decision-making clarity to the digital team. And designing a digital governance framework is the right first step. The Managing Chaos: Digital Governance Fundamentals e-learning course will teach you how to create a digital governance framework for your organization–or your client’s organization.

Through explanatory videos, illustrations, exercises, and assessments, Lisa Welchman will step you through the process she uses when working with clients to help them mature their digital governance practices. When you finish this course, you’ll understand what digital governance is, and have a draft framework to kick-start the governance efforts in your organization.

Take advantage of Lisa’s weekly office hours, where you’ll get your digital governance questions answered. Or, take the extra step of having Lisa review your framework after you’ve worked through the course.

Who should take this course?

Digital Leaders & Domain Experts

The course is useful for individuals inside organizations tasked with improving digital governance. That might sound like getting better control of your web or digital team or trying to get better control of what you put online. Maybe you’ve been tasked with implementing a content strategy, omnichannel, or consolidating some of the technologies that support your digital team and find it challenging to get the team pulled together and marching in the same direction. All of these activities will be easier to do if you have a digital governance framework in place.

Interactive Agencies & Other Digital Service Providers

Digital Governance Fundamentals is an excellent course to take if you provide digital services to other organizations (makes websites, content, apps, build apps, deploy systems). Digital projects can stall because it’s not clear which project team members have the authority to give the thumbs up on visual or content design–or who can make the final decisions about what technologies to use. Knowing how to define a governing framework for digital will give you a tool that helps organize your client’s digital team. That allows projects to run more smoothly. With a governance framework defined and implemented, they will be better organized and more able to manage and maintain the new online experiences you’ve built for them. That protects what is usually a significant investment of time and resources.

Course Options

Digital Governance Fundamentals

US$1800 per seat 

Enroll for this course.
Access to the course for one studentTwo 30-minute coaching sessions with Lisa Welchman (via Zoom teleconference).
All global time zones are covered.
Digital Governance Framework with Review

US$3250 per seat 

Enroll for this course.
Access to the course for one studentTwo 30- minute coaching sessions with Lisa Welchman (via Zoom teleconference).
All global time zones are covered.
A 90-minute teleconference session with Lisa Welchman to review your work.

Detailed Course Description

ModuleTopics Covered
1. Digital Governance Basics

This module explores the foundational aspects of the digital governance discipline. We will define digital governance and talk about why the mature management of digital channels is no longer a “nice to have.”

What digital governance is and why it is important
How and why organizations fall into digital chaos
Where your organization is on the digital maturity curve
Defining the scope of digital for your organization
2. Your Digital Team
Digital teams are bigger and more diverse than most people think. Learn how to identify your team members and get them organized and working towards shared goals.
How to identify your core digital team
How to identify your distributed digital team
How to identify working groups and councils
How to identify your extended digital team
3. Digital Strategy
Lots of organizations have internal debates about who sets the strategic direction for digital. In this module, we will explore that dynamic. 
The definition of digital strategy
How to identify the digital strategy decision-makers in your organization
4. Digital Policy
Digital policy is a broad and deep domain, yet much of it is unaddressed by digital teams and their organizations. That’s a mistake.
The definition and scope of digital policy
The role of the policy steward and author
Best practices for deciding who writes your digital policies
5. Digital Standards
Digital standards are the heartbeat of any organization with a significant online presence. But a lot of organizations don’t put in the effort to define them.
What digital standards do and how they are put into place
What a standards steward is responsible for
What standards authors are responsible for
How organizations should decide who provides input and who makes decisions about standards.
6. Digital Governance Design Factors
Digital does not exist in a vacuum. There are all sorts of dynamics in an organization that impact how the digital team governs and operations digital channels. This module focuses on those dynamics and what to consider when building your digital governance framework.
How corporate governance dynamics will impact your digital governance framework
How market-specific and geography-specific regulatory constraints will impact your framework design
How trends in global web governance impact digital governance
How an organization’s culture influences its digital governance framework
How the nature of your digital presence will drive the design of your digital governance framework
7. Getting it Done
Once you’ve learned about digital governance, you’ll learn the steps to take to put it into action in your organization.
A process for creating a digital governance framework
How to identify and governance sponsor and advocate
Populating the governance design team
Starting the framework design effort
Implementing the framework
Course completion certificate
Office hours with Lisa Welchman (two 30-minute sessions)

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