Changing the way you govern and manage your digital channels is difficult. Most organizations have been making it up as they go along, for over 20 years. Things that were meant to be temporary fixes have become permanent solutions. Old habits die hard. But, when you are ready, we can work with your team to determine where you are with digital governance maturity and give you options for moving forward—at the pace that makes sense for your business.

Over the past two decades, we have honed our expertise by working with different-sized companies across sectors and industries. We know digital governance. You know your organization’s unique culture and can tell us the amount and type of change it can absorb. We will listen and bring to the table other options and considerations and help point you in the right direction for change.

Digital Governance 101 – Education and Awareness

You know your organization has a digital governance challenge, but maybe you are the lone genius who “gets it” and you want to get others in your organization engaged? In one of our basic workshops, we deliver an interactive day-long experience, using hands-on governance design exercises to help your team start to think about how they collaborate and who makes decisions about things like design standards and technology platforms. Our one-day workshops enable organizations to begin the discussion about governance in a collaborative, positive environment.

Digital Governance 201 – Guidance

This engagement is for organizations that are already sure they want to change the way they govern and manage digital channels but aren’t sure where to start. We will work with your team to uncover and understand internal governing dynamics. That means finding all of your digital team members including “shadow” IT and digital groups, external vendors, and those “rogue” business units that like to do their own thing. Once we have uncovered the team, we will help you understand how assumed roles and responsibilities are causing challenges.

We will spend time collaborating with you onsite and remotely to devise digital governance options that your team can use for discussion and planning. We’ll frame your options around possibilities regarding the structure, roles, and responsibilities of your digital team, and suggest appropriate decision-making for digital strategy, policy and standards.

Digital Governance 301 – Framework Implementation

A lot of organizations need to make deep changes in order to meet the new demands put on their business by digital. Whether your market has been disrupted or you’re trying to stay ahead of the game by being prepared to react to shifting customer demands, you know that you need to get serious about digital governance.

In this comprehensive digital governance framework engagement, we will partner with you to be a catalyst for digital change and maturity. Your unique style and needs will be reflected in every aspect of the project as we collaborate with your team to put into place a digital governance framework that will support current and emerging organizational goals. Each one of our framework engagements is uniquely tailored to the organization’s current digital state and needs, and no two are quite alike. We are always happy to talk with you about your needs.

Contact us so that we can define a solution that is right for you.